Our Software Products DE

Our Software Products

Software which we offer as open-source or freeware is allowed to be used for commercial and private use.

Business Applications & Database Software


HissenIT Masterdata: HissenIT Masterdata is a Windows software for easy master data management for free. Besides common basic data, the software stores any number of addresses and other contact data.

Cryptography and Encryption Solutions

Freeware and open-source Software

CrococryptFile: An encryption software for creating encrypted files and file archives (open-source)

CrococryptMirror (aka "Crococrypt"): An encryption tool for mirroring directories to encrypted containers (Freeware)

CrococryptQuerl: An open-source project on GitHub. It as a web application which could roughly be described as "anonymous & encrypted Swiss safe deposit box for computer files". It can also be used as file exchange platform.

Commercial Software

CrococryptLib: A Java and Android encryption library with an SDK which allows for the easiest integration of cryptographic operations into your own enterprise software or software product. Cryptography know-how is not required for a secure integration.