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HissenIT: Information Technology Consulting and Software Development

We offer individual / tailor-made Software Development services. Our software is based on our cost-efficient Development Framework.

Moreover, we offer our own software products - both commercial and free/open-source, like:

CrococryptMirror Pro
-Encrypted File Backups-

EDP, Informatics, Computer Science, IT

Due to our long-time experience in complex IT projects and our computer science background, we always work with sustainability in mind. Hence, the solution we develop for you is usable, manageable and long-run fit for the future.

With our services, we support your business processes as well as your product development. No matter if your company is from the IT sector or is simply using IT to support your business case.

IT Security

Our customers benefit in everything we do from our longtime experience in the are of IT security. We have fundamental background knowledge about secure software programming, secure operation and security processes that are truly usable. Individually developed software for you will always be sustainable.
Moreover, we offer online training courses in the area of IT security. In the following, we explain "Why should we encrypt data at all?":

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Latest News / Blog

Data Security through Cryptography - Interview with Frank Hissen [News]

Added on 06/09/2019 by Frank Hissen

IT Security Expert and Computer Scientist Frank Hissen talking about cryptography and how cryptography helps to protect our data security during our private and professional everyday life. continue

Internet Security: Why cryptography (and encryption) is essential [IT Security]

Added on 06/03/2019 by Frank Hissen

Internet connections are no direct lines. Every intermediary component holds full access to your Internet traffic. That means: read, alter, redirect, discard. Or put another way: manipulate, record, log, render unusable. continue

CrococryptFile still in active development - Wipe function and more in preparation [News]

Added on 08/08/2018 by Frank Hissen

With this quick post, we wanted to let users know that CrococryptFile is still in active development. We are busy with other (commercial) projects, hence, CrococryptFile has to wait a little bit for its new version. The new version will include the often requested wipe function, to securely delete encrypted files. continue

HissenIT has reached more than 10,000 online students worldwide with in-depth IT security courses on Udemy [News]

Added on 05/16/2018 by Frank Hissen

With more than 15 years of IT security and security training experience, HissenIT publishes also online trainings in the areas of application security, encryption and cryptography. Information technologies are the essential part of any business and a huge part in our private life. Hence, awareness of IT security on the technical level has become essential. Increased numbers of reports on cyber attacks and system vulnerabilities are one proof. continue

Computer security – Not "Update Flash Player" but "Remove Flash Player"

Added on 04/11/2018 by Frank Hissen

In light of current events, many IT news pages create headlines like "Patch your Flash Player, now!". This happens – again and again – with regularity when a new vulnerability in Adobe Flash gets out or a corresponding security patch or update is published... continue

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